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Exclusive Travel Management Services

For the ultimate VIP holiday experience, High Life Entertainment offers comprehensive, luxurious travel management services for our individual, group and corporate clients in Calgary.

Whether you are going on your honeymoon, searching for vacation accommodation or planning your dream trip, our VIP travel concierges are here to handle every detail to your complete satisfaction.

Creating Bespoke VIP Travel Experiences

For all your luxury travel needs including exotic holidays, superb accommodation and off-the-beaten track experiences, our VIP concierge team can arrange the perfect travel experience tailored just for you.

High Life Entertainment offers our distinguished clients the same personalized service and access to our luxury VIP concierge services across several destinations in North America including Toronto, Montreal, Las Vegas, Scottsdale, Miami and Cabo San Lucas.

We create a unique VIP experience just for you with our wide range of travel concierge services including:

  • Trip planning and organization
  • Vacation accommodation and flight reservations
  • Resourcing destination information
  • Creating personalized itineraries
  • Limo or car transportation to/from airport
  • Preparing your travel checklist
  • Beach and Yacht Parties
  • VIP status in local bars/nightclubs

Why Choose High Life Entertainment’s Travel Management Service

From the moment you leave your home until the moment you return, our desire is to create the most seamless, convenient and meaningful luxury travel experience possible.

Whether you know exactly where you are heading or require some advice on exotic travel ideas, our VIP concierge team will propose, plan and execute all of your vacation plans with passion, excellence and unparalleled attention to detail.

Some of the benefits we offer our clients include:

  1. Experience
    If your dream trip involves a complex itinerary, you want to stay in high-end hotels, require a guide or are a planning to travel somewhere exotic, our VIP travel concierge service will be your best resource to create a successful vacation and help you avoid any costly mistakes.
  2. Connections
    Over the years, High Life Entertainment has built strong global networks and connections which allow our team to provide room upgrades, make hard-to-get reservations and arrange guided tours to give you the ultimate luxury travel experience. 
  3. Assurance
    Anything can happen while you are on holiday. To provide you with peace of mind, our travel concierge team can help you with any problems you face such as a missed flight or new travel connection, resulting in a seamless, stress-free VIP experience.

Plan Your Dream Trip Today

To find out more about our exclusive travel management services or to join our exclusive VIP membership list, contact our team at 403-800-3023 or send us a message.

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