Why Hire a Personal Concierge Service?

A Calgary concierge service is the best option for anyone looking for personal assistance, travel services, or professional event management.

When life gets hectic and busy, the first thing many people want to do is to look for the right services and professionals to take some of the overwhelming tasks in life off of their plate. This is why many individuals seek out professional organizers, personal assistants, travel and event planners, and more.


There are many professional companies as well as individuals who offer these kinds of services, but at High Life we believe that a personal concierge service is the best option for anyone who requires with household or professional tasks, organization, and planning. In this post we’ll outline why.


Why Hire a Calgary Concierge Company?

When there are many other services and even apps, software programs, and more, all geared towards helping individuals declutter their free time, why choose a professional Calgary concierge service? The first reason is simple: as a registered business providing a service, clients can be sure of the company’s experience, professionalism, dedication to their craft and to customer satisfaction. It is also easy to check relevant credentials, licenses, and customer reviews.

  • A concierge service has a wide variety of experience in terms of organization, event management, and scheduling. These professionals are equipped to handle a wide variety of responsibilities ranging from booking clients’ dream trips to planning a birthday party to scheduling meetings and work-related team-building activities.

  • While hiring individuals as organizers as personal assistants may be helpful, a dedicated concierge company has an entire team of experts with a range of skillsets.

  • Hiring a licensed business with its own businees insurance means fewer concerns about issues such as liability.

  • Most luxury concierge services proudly show testimonials and reviews about their services. This helps individuals choose the right company for their needs as well as assists you in choosing the company with a track record of reliability.

A Personal Concierge Service Provides Bespoke Assistance

Everyone has their own style of organization and planning. Some individuals prefer minimalist lists and a spare style of organizing, or for tasks to be completed on a regularly scheduled basis with a pre-set order. Others prefer visual representations of schedules, or for tasks to be completed “triage-style” based on how important they are in a given week. Some clients prefer assistance with general event management, travel planning, while others would like assistance with only certain facets, such as planning party ideas, acquiring party supplies, or providing transportation services.

  • A professional personal concierge service is able to sit down and work with clients in order to develop the best system for assisting each client. This includes a focus on their organization style, personality, and lifestyle to deliver a truly personalized VIP experience.

  • The knowledge of how to tailor personal concierge services to each client is often based on years of experience working with a broad range of clients, as well as a commitment to creating a personal connection.

A Personal Concierge Delivers A Wide Range of Services Within Calgary

A concierge service is the best option for busy individuals because of the range of assistance that a personal concierge service can provide. When someone is busy, the last thing they want to do is to worry about interviewing and hiring planners, organizers, or contractors to address each type of task that needs completing.

  • A Calgary personal concierge can provide travel management, event management, travel services, and assistance with personal, business, and organizational tasks.

  • A professional Calgary concierge also knows when to call other experts, contractors, and professionals. Due to their experience in the industry they may have several of these contacts already.

    • Additionally, when another expert is needed, a personal concierge is able to do preliminary research on different options in order to help clients come to an effective decision faster.

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